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a smiling patient after her Acceledent treatment from Naborowski Orthodontics
Crooked teeth are a serious issue that can cause self-consciousness, oral health issues, and discomfort. You want to correct them, but just the thought of having to wear braces for a few years is not exactly very appealing. What if we told you that we had a way to shorten the length of time you needed to wear braces? Sounds too good to be true, right? Naborowski Orthodontics can do just that with Acceledent.

What Is Acceledent?

Acceledent is an FDA approved device that uses both soft pulse technology and cyclical forces to aid in the movement of your teeth during your regular orthodontic treatment. It can accelerate the movement of teeth up to 50%. It can be used in conjunction with metal braces, clear braces, and even Invisalign®. In addition to moving your teeth up to 50% faster, it can also decrease any discomfort that your orthodontic treatment causes.

How Does Acceledent Work?

So, how exactly does this conjunctive treatment work? Acceledent is a hands-free device that is both portable and removable. A mouthpiece is attached to an activator that vibrates gently. The activator uses SoftPulse technology, which generates micropulses to increase the rate of tooth movement. These pulses also help to increase the rate of healing in your jawbone and periodontal ligaments. Your treatment times are reduced, but your results are the same. It is also important to know that the frequency of your orthodontic visits is still the same, but you will see more rapid results between each one. Also, if your teeth are being corrected using Invisalign®, your aligners will be changed more frequently to accommodate a faster-changing smile.

How to Use Acceledent

While Acceledent might seem complicated, it is quite simple to use. First, you attach the mouthpiece to the activator. Next, turn the activator on. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and bite down firmly, making sure that there is complete contact with the mouthpiece all around. Leave it in your mouth for 20 minutes. You do not need to hold the activator. In fact, you are not supposed to hold it. Because it is hands-free, you can answer emails, watch TV, or browse your favorite online store while the device is working. The device should be left in for a full 20 minutes every day. It is recommended that you do the treatments around the same time of day when you use it. You should not leave it in for longer than 20 minutes and doing so will not move of your teeth any faster. If you need to pause the treatment, the device will pause for only 5 minutes before it resets itself. After your treatment is done, remove the mouthpiece and rinse it off under warm water. It should be periodically brushed with toothpaste or cleaned with soap. Make sure that you plug your activator in when it needs to be charged. If you are interested in learning more about Acceledent, and finding out if this revolutionary treatment is right for you, call Naborowski Orthodontics at (630) 543-5051 to schedule your consultation today!

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