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Early Treatment

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When most people think about orthodontic treatment, the mind automatically goes to the braces common in young teenagers. While this is a common orthodontic treatment, it is only one part of orthodontics. A significant number of orthodontic issues can be detected at a very young age. Moreover, many of these issues are easier to treat earlier. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children have their first orthodontic evaluation by the age of 7. At this time, the adult teeth have begun to come in, and potential orthodontic issues can be detected. At Naborowski Orthodontics, we can provide early orthodontics for young children, helping your child to develop a beautiful, healthy smile.

Issues We Can Treat With Early Orthodontics

An orthodontic evaluation done at a young age is important for detecting the early presence of, or predicting the presence of, some different orthodontic issues. By checking the mouth of your child for potential issues, we can then provide them with the treatment they need to prevent more significant issues from developing later in life. Common issues we can provide early treatment for include:
•  Open bites, when the top and bottom teeth do not come together, leaving an open space.
•  Crossbites, when one or more of the top teeth falls inside the bottom teeth when the jaw is closed.
•  An overcrowded arch.
•  Spacing issues.
•  Premature loss of baby teeth.
•  The eruption of teeth out of sequence.
•  Teeth that have stopped erupting. This issue can lead to later tooth displacement.

The Stages of Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment has 3 different stages:
•  The earliest stage of orthodontic treatment occurs between the ages of 2 and 6. This goal of this particular stage is to make sure that your child has enough space in their mouth for all of the teeth to erupt properly. Some children may require a space maintainer in the event of premature tooth loss, while others may need a device to help the jaw develop properly. We can also work with you, and your child to break certain habits like pacifier use and thumbsucking.
•  The second stage of orthodontic treatment occurs between the ages of 6 and 12. This stage is focused on ensuring proper jaw alignment and beginning the process of ensuring the proper alignment of the erupting adult teeth. A fixed or removable appliance may be required during this stage.
•  The third stage of orthodontic treatment is the stage that most people associate with orthodontics. This stage occurs between the ages of about 13 and older and involves the use of braces or aligners, to correct the appearance of the smile and improve oral health.

Why Early Orthodontics?

There are several benefits of early orthodontic treatment. These benefits include such things as:
•  Helping your child to break certain oral habits to prevent later alignment issues.
•  Predicting the development of the adult teeth.
•  Guiding the jaw into proper alignment.
•  Preventing issues with speech development.
•  Reducing the risk for cavities and gum disease.
•  Reducing the need for later orthodontic treatment. In some cases, we can prevent the need for later treatment altogether.
•  Developing a beautiful, healthy, confident smile.

Early orthodontic treatment allows us to determine or predict the presence of potential issues, providing your child with the treatments they need to ensure that their teeth and jaws develop into a beautiful, healthy smile. For more information on early treatment, and to schedule an appointment for your child, call Naborowski Orthodontics at (630) 543-5051 today.

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